Would it ever be possible to get a tracker interface?

I had some other people outside of here ask about this too. Some people like myself prefer a tracker interface rather than one like DAWs with piano roll and such. I wonder if it’s a possibility for that to be added in the future or if there’s already a way to get rid of piano roll entirely to get something similar to a music tracker style.

This is what a tracker looks like for those who don’t know:

The tracker interface is a column-oriented interface that was great for working with music that is quantized. It was developed as means of presenting multiple tracks back when high-resolution graphics didn’t really exist.

I think the main problem with a tracker-style interface is it doesn’t work with timeline-oriented parameters.

For example, how are parameters (which have a finer resolution than a 64th note) to be presented in a tracker interface? How about waveforms?

What about lyrics - the primary function of SynthV? Breaking them across rows would be awkward, at best.

I could see how note entry might be a preferred method of data entry. But for everything else, it doesn’t map to the sort of data structures that SynthV has. It just doesn’t fit the way that SynthV “thinks” about musical information.


makes sense. i think if they do consider it they should customize it to their own liking. not all trackers are built the same after all just like synthv is not the same as a regular DAW.