VocaListener for Synthesizer V?


Amazing work, walk-throughs and demos. I’m new to SinthV.

I followed your instructions very carefully but when I run the load pitch script, either in standalone editor or DAW VSTi, SynthV becomes unresponsive. The task manager reports around 20% CPU (older i7 laptop) and SynthV just slowly consumes the entire memory over the following minutes, eventually consuming all spare RAM left of 32GB on board in what appears to be a memory hole!!!) I initially had issues with error messages but just renamed everything as per the video and then the script seemed to load but SV crashes every time I run the script.

I diligently completed the preparation as per the video (including short .txt files) so I’m really quite disappointed I can’t make it work (quite obviously NOT your fault!!!) Maybe this is a Windows 11 thing (all my other music programs behave perfectly on this OS) as does SV apart from when I run your script.

Do you have any thoughts?? My demo_pitch.txt is 4.96MB - is there a working limit (e.g. doing one verse/ /chorus at a time?) - I’m at a loss as to why this is misbehaving!!

Specs below in case anyone on here is really familiar with the inner workings of this awesome software!! The OS is mis-reported in the copied specs. W11 Home 21H2.

Synthesizer V Studio Pro 1.5.0
Synthesizer V Engine 2.3.2
© 2020, 2021 Dreamtonics Co., Ltd.

== System Info ==
CPU: GenuineIntel 2698 MHz 4 Cores 8 Threads
CPU Features: SSE, SSE2, SSE3, SSSE3, SSE4.1, SSE4.2, AVX, FMA3
Memory: 32586 MBytes
Operating System: Windows 10 64 bits
User Language: en
User Region: GB
Installation Path: C:\Program Files\Synthesizer V Studio Pro\synthv-studio.exe
Application Directory: C:\Users\nigec\Documents\Dreamtonics\Synthesizer V Studio

== Type Checks ==
sizeof(int) = 4
sizeof(long) = 4
sizeof(void*) = 8

Report generated at 20 Mar 2022 13:50.
Built on Dec 23 2021.
Double click to copy this report.

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when you run the load pitch script - do you have any notes selected?
If not, it tries to load the pitch for all notes in track.

So try to select only some notes and run the script. It should load only part and use less memory.
We will see, if it’s working - if it is only a low memory problem or anything else.

Let me know or if you don’t mind to send me your files (in personal msg) I can try it myself.

And if the problem is the lack of memory, there is a workaround - edit line 186 in the script
and change the time step constant (0.001) to something greater eg. 0.002 or 0.005 until
the script loads everything.

line 186: t = t + 0.001 -- time step

It is a time resolution of the pitch deviation track before simplifying, it directly affects
number of points = memory used.

EDIT: I’v found an error in filterPitch.lua script, please update.

Thank you deeply for the insight! I updated the script components and taking your advice, I split the song into verse-chorus chunks, mid8 etc so that there were 5 separate notes drawn covering each segment, then ran the script one chunk at a time - one by one and the script worked beautifully, without the need to amend line 186.

You are indeed a shining star! Thank you.

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I’d like to see the result - are you going to publish it?

i honestly find the tutorials for this method very difficult to follow. if i ever get to properly understand this method i might do a simpler tutorial.

And someone should probably make a tuning tutorial out of what they learned from this Vocalistener trick. I’d be very interested to know what I could improve on.

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