Feature request: JACK transport or linux native VST3 build

HI, as a Linux musician who use Synthesizer V Studio pro , I have the request. It is very important to sync Synthesizer V Studio Pro ( Later,I will abbreviate it as SynthVSP ) with DAW or other standalone pro audio software.

I know SynthVSP already supporting JACK, but it still lacks the ability. It can be done by implementing JACK Transport or by building Linux native VST3 .

About the two different implementation, Linux VST3 may need to pay another license fee to Steinberg as I remembered ,so many plugins labs prefer not to publish Linux native build vst due to cost benefit ratio. I guess JACK transport may be better way . Especially there is “netjack” tech to easily implement sound grid computing. Not only I can use on a single computer, but also I can use a laptop as JACK master host to control synthesizers/samplers/plugins on other computers as jack slaves in my intranet with good low audio latency. Even a "slave node " is a Windows machine running JACK. In Linux/BSD world , musicians love more and more “audio computing nodes” in his studio rather than upgrading to a single fastest computer.

If SynthVSP supported Jack Transport , not only Linux musicians could write songs very convenient, but also Dreamtonics would have ARM based “SingerBOX” new product line / industrial chain.

Anyway, I request the feature.


I want this feature, too.

Agreed, I think it’d speed up my workflow to have transport control, or a native Linux plugin (e.g. LV2 or native VST3).

Agreed on all of the above, but I’d like to pipe in and ask for a CLAP or VST3 version. It’s going to be a chore to use this in my music until this gets implemented since I have to program all my notes, then program the lyrics, them export the audio, then import the audio into my DAW and treat it like a normal vocal track.

Super awesome software, excited to see where the devs take it.