〖SOLARIA〗〖Metalcore/Progressive〗 One Minute Winter - FROST1LER1UM 〖ORIGINAL SONG WITH REVIEW〗

Here it is! A more proper 9-string guitar original! It even has a lyric video O3O

Although I’m more proud of the guitar work that’s been put in the song than the tuning of the virtual singer, I’ve also got a few words to say about SOLARIA as a voice bank. ^-^

We’re going to start with the cons but the cons list is rather short so that’s why we’re starting with the cons.

The elephant in the room is that the library itself is a one-trick. It’s near impossible to adjust the timbre of this library without either making it sound the same as the default voice or causing it to chipmunk, and there’s only one real tone and one real style it can actually do.

Yet it’s still that one one-trick vocal that everybody needed.

The tone is very powerful so it cuts through really well, even in a metal/metalcore track such as this. Solaria sounds just like the No Doubt singer so she’s also a great fit for punk rock. This kind of timbre is also great in the more powerful EDM/house tracks and I can imagine someone attempting to do a cover of “All My Friends” by Madeon with this vocal. And somebody really should. The samples were recorded by a Broadway performer so I can definitely see this library also being a great fit for several other genres including the one that really comes to mind especially - Rock Opera. She’s a one-trick, sure, but she’s a great one-trick with a powerful voice that everyone can get a ton of mileage out of. Tuning her is also rather a breeze. She’s easier to tune than VY1V4, unlike several other Engloids which are the most useable of the bunch but are rather very hard to tune making them very hard to use.

I’m almost always sceptical of crowdfunding as it usually ends up either not being the product everybody wanted or turning out to be a total scam (just look at the Michael Superbacker Air Umbrella case). This is a breath of fresh air that allowed me to realise that there is still hope in this world. I can finally ditch the “anime” tag that everybody puts on us despite us having no eastern influence whatsoever. We never even watched any anime let alone heard any anime OSTs or anything of the sort.

Final verdict: >S<avage!!! (this library is an S-tier library)

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Not my style at all, but it’s good to see people finding the voices useful for their style of music. :slight_smile:

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