Synthesizer V 1.5.1 (M1) 打开 Std 声库工程会崩溃 [FIXED in Version 1.5.2]

2022-03-01 Update
1.5.2 版本已经修复该问题。
This problem is fixed in version 1.5.2

在 M1 Mac,SV 1.5.1,如果以原生模式打开含有 Std 声库的工程,SV 会崩溃。如果工程里面只有 AI 声库,那么一切正常。

如果以 Rosetta 2 模式运行 SV,一切正常。


So, because of that, the file cannot be opened.
I had the same symptoms, but I couldn’t find the cause.
I want that it fixed as soon as possible. :cry:

Same issue here. Although I don’t use non-AI banks often, it does render my Renri copy obsolete.

Please fix this soon.

Same here, it crashes just by switching from AI voicebank to Std voicebank for any soundtrack

This issue is fixed in version 1.5.2. Please update!