Overseas buyers - when to buy Quadimension AI/SynthV Plus upgrades?


I’m actually interested in female Quadimension AI voices. For now I took Xingchen Infinity, for that, I decided to use ParcelUp as a proxy (thanks the ones who recommended it on this forum) and I got my voicebank as intended, mail received with the serial etc. So this thing works.
Now, let’s talk about the ones who are waiting to get an AI / SynthV Plus version. So, Cangqiong, Minus, Haiyi, Chiyu and Shian in my case.

Since now I know that I can buy using the proxy I already used for Xingchen Infinity, I wanted to know something in terms of money.
I’ll first explain the situation I got with Xingchen.
At the time, I took Xingchen as a pre-order. She was at her pre-order price for the people who didn’t own her VOCALOID4 voicebank (it was 712 yuans if I remember well). When I use the proxy, let’s say, the pre-order price of Xingchen alone listed on Taobao where she is officially sold is the 100% of reference.

To that, add 10% of commission taken by the proxy. And since I’m in European Union, another 20% is taken. So Xingchen bought at 130% of her pre-order price + domestic shipping price (very little, 15 yuans). Result for me: $130 (in euros I paid €119). It gives you a little idea.

You probably know that for Quadimension future SynthV Plus voicebanks, normally, the people who own their standard voicebanks should receive the AI version for free. Since I know how we get the serials when we use the buying proxy, I am now sure Quadimension knows in some sort which email has such serial associated.
There is currently a doubt on Anicute since they can’t sell Minus (neither Muxin btw) so I was thinking of using the Taobao proxy for the 5 voicebanks (no choice for Minus anyway!). But I need to know something.

I have enough money for getting the 5, it’s not the issue.
BUT if I don’t have the standard voicebanks, the price of the voicebanks will raise, so possibly meaning they’ll update the products on the buying page itself. Not just adding a case for the AI voicebanks.

If terms of money, knowing for each of the vocals I’ll have to pay 130% the price (I’ll give a rough estimation but a standard voicebank is near €85 / $100 so add 10% of commission by the proxy and 20% of UE tax → we’ll be near €110 / $130 per voice)…
Do you think it is more advantageous to buy the standard voicebanks now and then wait for the AI codes (knowing I’ll use the proxy, not Anicute, because I’m scared Anicute won’t be able to sell the AI versions) or should I wait for the AI voicebanks to be on the products page and buy them even if it will cost me more?


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Quadimension has not announced how exactly distribution of the new versions will work, so it’s hard to say.

When a proxy service purchases from Taobao on your behalf they provide your email address to the seller as the “delivery address”, so in theory Quadimension should have your email even if a proxy was used, however there are no guarantees.

Indeed they have my mail because I got Xingchen directly from their mail address.

So you think it’s better I still wait for a bit? At least the time the communication about the upgrades gets a bit better?

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