Question about Options in SynthV and a few Scripts I do not understand.

I have a few questions about SynthV if anyone would like to help me out would really appreciate it, thanks.

  1. What is “dissociate group”
  2. under Auto Process there one option under Melody called “ornament selected notes” what does that option do?

SynthV scripts that come with pro version:
3. What is “silence skipping play”
4. what is “split selected groups” is this the same thing as disband group? am i thinking it is not the same thing.

one user script i do not understand is:
5. “auto loudness by vibrato” i am uncertain what is going on here.

The expressive Vibrato script and Expression curves had very good explanations on how to use them on that person’s github page, that was very helpful. Solaria comes with some very useful scripts as well, Change Track color by entering hex code, 2 Phenome reference guides for consonants and vowels. Mass adjust Phenome duration and strength, Replace Phenome. All of these are very useful.

If someone could explain those 5 things I do not understand that would be very helpful, thanks

  1. Groups are clones of each other, so that changes to one group will modify all other groups. Disassociate group will make a group unique, so that change made to that version will not effect the other groups.

  2. Ornament Selected Notes will apply ornaments to notes. Think of this a breaking a note up into smaller notes. Because it doesn’t know anything about the key signature, it typically does a very bad job.

I haven’t looked at the scripts, so I can’t answer the others.


Running that script will play your project, skipping over longer silences. Like, if you’ve got one group of notes that ends in bar 2, then your next group of notes starts in bar 8, it’ll go right to the start (more-or-less) of that bar 8 group when the playhead gets to the end of the bar 2 group, if that makes sense.

‘Disband group’ will completely disband a group, making all notes that were in the group not in a group anymore. ‘Split selected groups,’ on the other hand, will split selected groups into multiple smaller groups, depending on where your playhead is. It essentially lets you split groups in half (or however you want them) without ungrouping and regrouping all the notes.

That one just looks at the vibrato setting you have on a note, and matches the pitch in the loudness envelope. One thing to note is that in the pop-up to set how strong you want the effect, you need to set it to either “add” or “overwrite,” or it won’t do anything (as far as I can tell).

I’d really recommend experimenting with all this stuff, if you can. It’s good for getting an idea of how things work, and (imo) can be pretty fun and/or instersting. :grin:


Oh thanks again everyone for the replies, I think I understand mostly everything now about this, just need to do the Real Voice Tutorial next, I want to know how to do that, and I think I understand how to make my own originals, you can import midi files, so that means i can make midi files in Reaper using my keyboard first If i like make a single note melody lead and then export as midi and import into synthV… this is a fun program to use, but took a few days to understand, thank you everyone for helping.
I spent all day setting up hotkeys to make it easier to use. Now ready to start making some fun songs. And Covers soon after the real Voice tutorial. That is really nice of them to share all that information. Thanks.