New languages I would love to see added to SynthV

I wish dreamtonics added tagalog and malay language/voicebanks
Here i drawn them

Dialectal Chinese is good :slight_smile:

With all the time Kanru and AHS are spending in Germany of late, I figure either Synth V or CeVIO is due to pick up the language.

Try this!

La mia chitarra suona rotta.rar (7,0 KB)

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Almost real sounding… :wink:

I’ll work a bit on this. Can you send me more examples, please?

It’s the only I did to replicate the rolling R for Kevin in Japanesse, to be used for Italian and Spanish.

I haven’t experimented with it too much, and adjustments are probably needed on a case-by-case basis, changing the number of phoneme repeats, phoneme length and strength, or note length.

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Thanks a lot, this may help anyway

i hope dreamtonics added Tagalog/Filipino