Eclipsed Sounds announces Solaria Lite release set for late March

In their March 4th Indegogo update, the Eclipsed Sound team announced that a “Lite” version of Solaria will be released late this March:

We intend to release SOLARIA’s “Lite” voice database late this month! This voice database is a low-quality free version of the full SOLARIA voice that will let prospective users try before they buy! While it won’t give nearly as realistic or high-quality results as the full database, or include any of the extras that come with her commercial version, it can help give users a taste of what using SOLARIA will be like! As with most Synthesizer V “Lite” databases, SOLARIA Lite will not be allowed to be used commercially, and, on publicly uploaded works, users must specify in the upload title or prominently in the description that their usage uses the Lite database. Please keep these rules in mind for when her lite version is released later this month, as well as for all other Synthesizer V Lite databases!

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