AIの発音の強さを変更する方法についての要望 / Please Add strength to the parameter







  • クリック、またはドラッグで値を変更します。
  • shiftキーで、子音と母音を一緒に変更します。

SynthesizerV AI’s phoneme has an adjustment item called “strength” that I use often.

When I changed the value, it sounded like a voice that tended to open its mouth and fly far away, ⇔ a voice that tended to close its mouth and sounded caged. So I raise it in parts where words are emphasized and lower it when they are not emphasized, such as particles.

Also, depending on the mood of the song and the singer’s voice, I may want to set the overall value to around 150% (as was the case with the recent song by Maki Tsurumaki AI)

I change the values often. The procedure for this is to go through the steps of “select a note” → “go to the right panel and change it”. It is a bit difficult to adjust this with notes up to the end of the third minute of a song.

For example, how about placing them to the parameters as shown in the image?

  • Click or drag to change values.
  • Use the SHIFT key to change consonants and vowels together.

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Thank you in advance.