SVPK file rendering issues

My svpk files are redirected to open with internet explorer (windows) which means I can’t really download any voicebanks. I also don’t seem to have an app that will let me run them, and there’s nothing on the microsoft store. I have the free (basic) version of SynthV. The voicebanks are in here: Synthesizer V Studio Basic 及び 各種Synthesizer V Lite版ダウンロード|製品情報|AHS(AH-Software)

Launch SynthV Studio and drag and drop the svpk into the window.


it won’t let me.

Here are the instructions for Windows:

"1. Execute the program file “(voicebank)-lite-installer.svpk”

  1. Follow the instruction on the installer to complete the process.

*To install a Voice Databases requires that Synthesizer V Studio be installed. "

Please install Synthesizer V Studio first, and then open the SVPK file.

Latest Synthesizer V Studio Basic

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