Loud crackling sound

Hi there all, i have a question about a Loud crackling sound. When i am trying to move or shorten/longer a existing note in the piano roll (Synth V Pro) then (not all the time) will pop-up a white vertical gradient line in the piano roll. If you press play and the playhead passes this gradient, there will be a very hard/loud crackling sound (but very loud). It’s like a electrical crackling sound out of speakers.

I noticed that till now i have this with the Eleanor Forte Ai voicebank, because i use also Solaria and till now din’t have this on Solaria voicebank.

Does somebody experience the same issue?

Are you using the lastest version?

Hello, i did updated to the latest version but the problem that i experienced was that in the newer version of Synth V Pro the playhead does not plays anymore from time to time. I press play and it refuse to play or move. So had to install the older version again. But thanks a lot for your very quick replay.

What i do now is when (the vertical white line appears), i change it with Solaria voicebank and back with Eleanor Forte again and then it’s most of the time gone. I’m using a 2011 iMac 27 (not the newest) with 10.13 (High Sierra) 16GB RAM with SSD Storage, and therefore change it to another voicebank and back takes some time, hehe… But ok.

Thanks again.

I just experienced this same issue in a file of mine! If I play the part with the big vertical bar it blows out my speaker (on Intel Macbook) and I have to restart my Macbook lol. Quite annoying.

I had the issue with Instant Mode - SynthV Pro 1.6.0 - Solaria. All other soundbanks work fine (Anri / Eleanor forte / Stardust)

My lyrics weren’t finalized yet (the voicings were f’d up)
When I fixed those, the issue went away. But it doesn’t look like weird lyrics or note placement is the issue for you.

Hi there, in these case i used Synth V Pro 1.5.0 with Eleanor Forte Ai. As you can see in the screenshot i also used Solaria, but strange enough it never happend with her voice. Now i use as well Synth Vpro 1.6.0 and till now it never happend so far with Eleanor Forte Ai. So fingers crossed, hehe… But it is really annoying and loud. it blown up my speakers as well.

When it happens again, i did found out (for me) that i had to move the note (with the vertical line on it) a bit to the left or right and place it back. It renders again the note.

Hi! I’ve experienced something similiar, but in a larger scale. I was trying different voicebanks to check which will suit best to song and when I switched to Eleanor Forte AI (Lite) it broke. It generated a row of vertical lines but the issue is only with this one fragment. When I choose different voicebank all is back to normal, and switching back to Eleanor is breaking this part again. When I try to listen to this it sounds like a hamster. I am using Synth V Basic 1.6

Hello! I am new to Solaria Pro and had the same issue, that electrical crackling sound (it had never appeared while I was using the Lite version).
The problem has been solved after I updated the voicebank from version 101 to 108. Just wanted to let anybody know who may have the same problem.