Solaria sings "Lover Man"

hadn’t seen any jazzy performances by Solaria, so here she is singing a well known jazz ballad, “Lover man”


Hi, Rob! Welcome to the forum! :+1:

is it you, David? Thank you for the welcome!

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Welcome. and Well Done! She has ”feelings” and "atomosphere”. Good Job.

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How’d you guess?   :rofl:

Now you know the secret to finding out about SynthV - by asking people on this forum!  :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

:rofl: I’ll do the same!

Different, in the very best way! I really like it (but then, I’m more into jazz than EDM…).

In a couple of places, I miss the end consonant in words like ‘meet’ and ‘sweet’. Have a listen to Madeleine Peyroux (for example, her ‘Careless Love’ album) for a demonstration of what I mean. :wink:

Great work with the jazzy intonation and timing!

thank you Spitfire! Good call on end consonants, will fix that soon…