My experience after two weeks of use, some requests

I’ve been using Synth V for two weeks now, and the things that bother me are:

The lack of metronome

When you enter a new note to the right side of the screen, and you have to drag the mouse to the right to be able to put a longer note in, the point where the note lenght can be set should move to the origin of the note, now it stays at the same place on the screen, meaning if you try to drag left or right close to the origin of the note, nothing happens. only when you go to the right side of the screen, you can do it

The selected/unselected colors are reversed compared to most programs, usually dark is selected, light is deselected, now I mix them

Adding to the previous one, the select / draw button is a toggle even when it has clearly two sides, when I want to change from one mode to the other, and with the confusing light/dark select/deselect choice, I might actually be in the mode I want to change to, and because of the toggle I accidentally am now in the wrong mode. If it would only select the mode from the side you press the button instead of toggle, it would help.

Many people I know complain about the low contrast and hard to see lines in the piano roll. Maybe add a theme editor or give the UI colors in plaintext so anyone can edit them with a text editor.

When I’m using Synth V as a VST inside my daw (renoise), when I render the song, the Synth V track is missing. I need to bounce the track to wav inside Synth V and load it to my daw to be able to render it.

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