Synthesizer V AI 夏色花梨 开启预售


AHS 开启 Synthesizer V 「夏色花梨 (Natsuki Karin)」日文 AI 女声声库的预订,除声库本体外还包含ぴた声素材,计划在 4 月 13 日正式发布,此外夏色花梨的 MMD 模型和表情差分图已经公开!AHS 还邀请「夏色花梨」声源参加明天东京时间晚上 8 点的直播活动,敬请关注~

夏色花梨 SynthV AI 声音试听:


PS:夏色花梨还有 CeVIO 语音库,此外 小春六花 的单独 SynthV AI 声库盒装版也上架啦!



The box version of the popular “Synthesizer V AI Koharu Rikka” will be released on April 13, as will the “Natsuki Karin”.
Please refer to the AHS for pricing information.


Something to note, everyone who participated in the crowdfund got Karin’s SynthV AI and CeVIO AI voices early.

However, TOKYO6 requests that usages should not be posted until April 12 at 18:00. This was mentioned on the crowdfund site.

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Another update.

Anyone who has Karin for CeVIO or Synthesizer V have access to her Pitagoe voice files as well. However, it was found that the file names were garbled, so AH-Software modified these and encourage people to redownload them to fix the issue.

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