Introducing Mo Chen (默辰 / MAN-M2): New Chinese Male Voice from Dreamtonics!

I’m a little surprised he hasn’t been talked about yet, but a new male AI voice database from Dreamtonics had made his debut! And just like Qing Su, his final name would be decided by contest, running from March 25 to April 1, with the name announcement planned for April 3.

Check out his demo, “这感觉”!

Staff are as listed:
制作人:宋天祥 ( @小宋呗_TeancherSong )
作曲:Bob Luri、宋天祥
吉他:鲁思睿 ( @火车97 )
混音:雷长航 ( @CRAT西略特  )
录音室:Ready Steady Sound ( @RSS走起音频 )
音乐制作:声影工坊 Sound & Vision Media Studio ( @声影工坊 )

If anyone can help translate the description and anything related to the announcement, that would be much appreciated! TTwTT/ (I’m one of the editors at SV Wiki, so any help is great!)


Looks like - no surprise - Google Translate turned this into wordwooze:

Dreamtonics # Dreamtonics #Synthesizer V # Men’s Chorus AI Singing Numbers Before the existence of Ao, I was able to join the AI singing voice number, Synthesizer V company district, all new vitality, successful participation in the companion crossing language, and the all-new song. Imaten, Dreamtoincs Officially promulgated Chinese male voice AI Singing voice Number of singing voices # MAN-M2 #

But I’m liking what I hear in the demo. And I assume “successful participation in the companion crossing language” means trans-lingual support. :rofl:

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I could be wrong but i think it was something like (and i’m also using google translate btw)

"Dreamtonics brings you the first Chinese male AI singing database

Looking back with Qing Su, we witnessed the new vitality brought by the Chinese AI singing database to the SynthV community. With the addition of cross-lingual singing synthesis function, the increasingly rich choices are constantly expanding the new possibilities with each song

Today, Dreamtonics officially revealed the Chinese male AI singing database, MAN-M2, bringing another indispensable reference-level(? I think this is like the type of voice they produce to showcase synthv capabilities maybe) singing voice to Chinese music creators, further enriching the creator’s voice choices.

Combining the leading cross-lingual synthesis tech of synth v studio and the new Vocal Mode in version 1.6.0, creators will experience the new vocal range and powerful dynamic effects that Synthesizer V AI brings to MAN-M2.

His song is waiting for you to listen;
His voice will be written by you

From now until April 1, Dreamtonics invites you to give MAN-M2 a name that only belongs to him, removing the cold code name, and come to your side.

The results of the selection will be announced on April 3 and Dreamtonics will present a copy of the Synthesizer V Studio Pro editor and MAN-M2’s vocal database to the participant who gave him his name.

Key points for the name:

  • The name should be 2 or 3 Chinese characters long
  • The name has no restrictions in theme, but it should fit the vocal characteristics of the singer
  • To participate in the event, the name should be submitted in the comment area, participants need to follow the Dreamtonics account, and share the video.
  • By participating in the campaign, the participant agrees that the name would be trademarked and the rights is granted to Dreamtonics"

I suspect “bringing another indispensable reference-level singing voice to Chinese music creators” seems like it’s trying to say something like “benchmark”, “standard of excellence” or similar buzzwords.

What I really want to know is: When will the voicebank be released? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I assume it will take some time to get the branding on it completed once a name is selected.

If Qing Su was anything to go by, maybe a month after the name is announced? She did get a couple of usages after the livestream, so it’s not like she was immediately thrown out of nowhere; she had a bit of time and a pre-order before she was fully released on December 1.

So I kinda expect him in Q2 of 2022, like maybe mid/late April or Early May?

I noticed that the time from the deadline to the announcement had shortened this time. Qing Su’s was closed on November 1 and then announced on November 5, but this time April 1 and announce on April 3. :o Perhaps Qing Su’s name contest was that good of an experience or didn’t take too long to choose from what was submitted? I don’t read that as a bad thing personally.

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Today’s update: His name was officially announced to be Mo Chen (默辰), which was submitted by user Shan Shu (善树)! The accompanying comment was as follows:


从演示曲目的风格和歌词的韵味来看,M2 的声音更加偏向内敛、私人;虽然是城市化的,但不停留于繁华,反而是游荡于霓虹灯下的明明暗暗中,给人一种心之所至四处徜徉的感觉。时而会有一些全曲最后一句那般加速变化的灵动,但更多时候还是会归于平静。


A very tentative summarized translation. Feel free to help adjust if necessary!

Based on the style of the demo and the charm of the lyrics, the voice leaned toward reservation; although it is urbanized, it did not stay in busyness, instead wandering the darkness below neon lights, giving a sense of roaming in all directions as one wishes. Although there might be acceleration like at the last line of a song from time to time, it would still mostly return to calmness. This is a voice that belonged to the night, to a barren wilderness, to rainy nights, to under a roof; born from a silent time, passing onto the human’s world of loneliness and helplessness. Therefore, I used the silent times that belonged to his name, which shall be ‘Mo Chen’"

And here’s what Dreamtonics had to say:

#Dreamtonics# 欣然宣布 #Synthesizer V# 首款中文男声 AI 歌声数据库 MAN-M2 官方命名:


从歌声到歌者的想象,@善树 描绘出了旋律流淌的轨迹,为 MAN-M2 赋予了打破静默,传递心迹的美好愿景。歌之所至,是自由自在的徜徉挥洒,是划破静默的真诚流露。歌声两头,是未曾谋面的你我,是不期而至的相遇,是词曲间的心意相通。

Dreamtonics 真诚希望默辰能够成为每一位创作者身边打破静默,传递律动的歌者,将饱含深情的唱词旋律传递到更远的前方,回响在每一个等待聆听的午夜。

#Synthesizer V# AI 默辰定于 2022 年 4 月发售,并于即日起开启预售,您可以前往淘宝搜索 “默辰 AI” 找到对应商品,预售详情请关注 @Dreamtonics 官方账号。


Starting now, Mo Chen is available for pre-order on Dreamtonics’s Taobao store with an expected release date of April 15, 2022! Like the other Dreamtonics vocals, he could be bundled with the Synthesizer V Studio Pro editor if needed. There will be no lite version of Mo Chen.

There is currently no news on Mo Chen being available for the International Dreamtonics store yet nor was his logo revealed. It’s still being produced at the moment.


Dreamtonics marketing remains a mystery to me.

C’mon, people… Why would you want to make it difficult for me to give you my money? :thinking:

We’ve got a few covers showing Mo Chen off on bilibili~! I will continue to update this thread whenever new songs featuring his voice have been uploaded before his release on April 15. They all demonstrate his voice very well!

  1. " 给你给我" covered by 小宋呗
    【默辰】给你给我 毛不易【SYNTHESIZER V COVER】_哔哩哔哩_bilibili

  2. " 悬溺" covered by Creuzer
    【默辰】悬溺【SYNTHESIZER V COVER】_哔哩哔哩_bilibili

  3. “匿名的好友” (百川Rebellious arrange version) covered by 某只泽
    默辰《匿名的好友》—— 不能握的手,却比亲人更亲厚_哔哩哔哩_bilibili


Well, this is probably because Mo Chen’s logo is still a work in progress, since his name has just been decided :face_exhaling:

Some more songs posted with his voice .w./

  1. “Susan说” covered by 瑞安Ryan

  2. “水星记” covered by 木变石
    做个梦给你【默辰】水星记【SynthV AI Cover/木变石】_哔哩哔哩_bilibili

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He sounds great :slight_smile:
Will be it available on Dreamtonics store ?

We haven’t received any official word about that, but it’s likely. Right now, they’re only running him on the Taobao store.

Thanks Shiwei_migi :slight_smile:
I’ll search on parcelup :slight_smile:


I bought it and test it :slight_smile:
Realy warm voice, I like Mo :slight_smile:

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Got him.

I haven’t had a chance to play with him much, but his English seems much better than Ryo’s. There are some rolled /r/ sounds, and the non-pure vowels (such as diphthongs) are slightly off.

There’s also a bit of a metallic ring to the aspiration, probably because he’s very breathy - although technically, the aspiration should be completely atonal.

But he’s got a pleasant voice, and I’m looking forward to using him.


太厉害了,好赞 666


A quick bump for important news: Mo Chen is now available as digital copies via AH-Software