Request: Vocal mode in Note Properties or Parameters you can draw

I love the sound of the chest vocal mode. I wish the vocal modes could be applied to specific parts of the track separately, from Note Properties (like the standard VB’s expression groups), or in the parameters under the piano roll so you can draw what mode you want, so I wouldn’t have to create more tracks to vary expressions during a song.
My computer is not very good, I can’t copy and paste my progress into another track because SynthV stops working.


I agree with this. It should be like the Tension parameter, where increasing it would make it “Belt”, and decreasing it would make it “Soft”. I do like this feature, but I don’t need the entire track to be one Vocal Mode, and having to separate it into different tracks is annoying. Also, the transition between one vocal mode to another sounds unnatural.


This is needed. I do like synthvoice’s approach to making it work. I go on to think, however, that the choices would be separated. Kind of like having on the parameter screen; you can choose “Loudness” or “Tension.” Well, there could be a sub-section for “Vocal Mode” where you could choose “Belt” or “Soft” and draw the lines from there. You can already combine them or not combine them. Draw lines for Belt, then for the other notes, draw lines for Soft. The percentages are already there, too, so those lines would incorporate those percentages. By default, have the lines be at the bottom since that’d be 0%, and then the top would be 150%.