How/where to buy Xingchen?

Hey everyone, I’ve been blown away with Xingchen demos and her usage but I can’t figure out how to purchase her digital bank for SynthV Pro. I’m on their Taobao site (I’ve never used) and I have these selections:

Which of her selections is just her digital voicebank (the one with her icon)? Or is there an English site to purchase her through? Thanks for any/all help!

Taobao doesn’t accept international payment methods which is why you have to use a proxy

I can recommend ParcelUp (formerly TaobaoFocus) and have used this website to buy Xingchen as well but their fee is quite much

Their service is quick and reliable though. Unfortunately I don’t know of any other agents

I don’t really know anything about Taobao, but here’s a link to where you can get all the medium5/Quadimension banks (including Stardust/Xingchen Infinity) on ParcelUp on this thread here