[sil] spike disables every sound

Hello! I recently updated SynthV Pro to 1.6.0 as well as my Dreamtonics voicebanks to the latest version to access the new Vocal Modes. However, I’m having trouble with Kevin in particular.

A day after I updated he started to have these spikes in [sil]. They pop up randomly and when I play past them both Kevin and the instrumental goes silent. Not even changing the voicebank or booting up a new svp would make the sound return. The only way to regain it is to restart SynthV, which was annoying but bearable. This only happens with Kevin and no other voicebank (I primarily tested with Solaria, Rikka AI and Ryo).

Yesterday I booted up SynthV again and the problem got worse. When I boot up a .svp file that uses Kevin, it just doesn’t produce sound at all. The spike in the image above doesn’t show up, but the silence is still there. Again, changing voicebanks or booting up another .svp doesn’t change anything.

So I tried booting up a .svp with another voicebank, and then opening the .svp file with Kevin that I wanted to work with. Kevin produced sound for 3 seconds and then made it silent again.

I’m pretty annoyed by this, since I use Kevin a lot in my work. Does anyone have this issue as well?

UPDATE: The [sil] spike just showed up in Solaria as well. I guess this is a problem with SynthV instead of a certain voicebank. I changed the forum title from Kevin to [sil] spike.

Thanks for sharing the information. I do have similar problems both Kevin and the instrumental goes silent. I thought my old Mac Catalina started not supporting latest software update so on so forth. With your email encouraged me to go through my other recordings. Ryo plays all right. Saki and Aki sing them all right with my old Mac but a couple of songs with Kevin goes silent after a few seconds to a minutes or so. I will send email to our dealer about it. then.

Please keep me as well as the others here updated! While you contact them, I did find a way to get around the silence as well as a possible explanation as to why it goes silent.

I used the VSTi plugin in a DAW (FL Studio for me) and although it still goes silent for a few notes, it produces sound for most of the song. As to why this happens, I booted up Adobe Audition and found these in the spots where the VSTi goes silent.

It produces a sound so loud it just doesn’t play at all. I’m not sure if this is a Mac problem or just an overall problem with 1.6.0, but editing it out after bouncing will make the silence disappear in the final product.

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You hinted me so I tried similar way. You are absolutely correct. I opened “Parameter” > Loudness > at just before the spiking point, I lowered the loudness then I did not stop at all and go through . I will add another message to the dealer tonight. will see what are their reply. Thanks

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I sent SVP file to the dealer for their check. Also I had forwarded your points in English to them, hopefully they will look into the issues.
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Thank you for forwarding my points! Really appreciate it. Lovely cover as well^^

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I also sent SVP of my original song to the dealer as well. may take a couple of dαys to receive their reply.
Thanks and regards.

Good news(at least for me) AHS ( Japanese dealer for Dreamtonics) sent me “Mac version 1.6.1. installer” this evening saying could find out possible cause of the spike." so I stalled it and SOLVED THE PROBLEM! the track now making sounds as usual.

I’m also on Mac but cannot find 1.6.1. Used the Check for Update feature but it says that 1.6.0. is the latest version.

Thats great news! Can you upload the installer so all of us can get this problem fixed? Thank you in advance!

Acknowledged your message. That’s is “For Mac” (1.6.1) Though.
Are you Mac user? if Windows That will not solve the issue , I guess. :sweat_smile:

I use Mac!

Actually I just received email from the dealer. Today or tomorrow or so Dreamtonics will post this Mac 1.6.1. installer officially!!
The reasons why it crashes, because it did not accommodate “INTEL MAC” though they accommodate "Windows " and “M1” Mac. also they include 5-6 minor adjustments for improvement by 1.6.1. per the dealer. :ok_hand: :slight_smile:

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This is huge news! We won’t be able to get this done without your help. I’ll spread the word to my circle. Thank you for reaching out to AHS!

With your sharing the issues, we both now have found out the problems had been happening to Mac INTEL users. ( I am and are you??) now the installer had solved the problem and they will officially put then on their Dreamtonics HP today or tomorrow!
Thanks a lot. and best regards.

Yes, me and my friends uses intel processors and we encounter the same problem. I spread the word of the update to other people, and informed of the official update to them as well.

Thank you!

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You are welcome. last 3 weeks or so guess my and your frustrations the sudden spike and silence of the system. now it will be solved. It is nice to communicate with you as a team and solve the issue and maintain as users of Synthesizer V. (lack of good vocalists are common issues of Band Men but SV is a one of solutions) I wish I could sing songs like Mr.Brad Delp but I can not. so SV helps indeed .
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As promised, Dreamtonics had posted 1.6.1 update on their HP now. Please find it.

Dreamtonics had posted version 1.6.1. for Mac on their HP. I hope it solved your problems.

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