Stardust ai buying problems

So I wanted to buy her using parcelup, but for some reason now thers no opctions to pick the vb u want, and there are pics only of onlyu chiyu, stardust, haiyi and zero, also the price is 3.26$, Im preatty sure somethings wrong. I double checked the seller and all, but idk what im doing wrong

(the link i’ve been using

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Yeah, that’s definitely not how that page looked before. I’m curious whether or not it still works alright for getting Stardust AI, but I’m not familiar enough with the site to be comfortable testing that :slightly_frowning_face:

tbh i wouldn’t mind if it was just a weird priceing issue, but since i can’t pick witch vb i want, I’ll probably won’t take that risk

I’ve been a bit hesitant to use Taobao, mainly because it seems like you need to login to see anything on the site, and also I don’t know any Chinese. But all things considered, I should probably at least try it out.
I do have a couple questions before I do, though, if you don’t mind:

  1. How would you say it works (quality-wise), in terms of overseas user experience?
  2. Is there anything I should know before putting in my phone number as a login, as someone who lives in Canada? (I’m assuming not, but I figure there’s no harm in asking)

I found an alternate Taobao Agent that seems to support Voicebank-purchases.

》Using “二代牧心声库数码版” (Muxin) as an example, I sent yesterday a Mail to and asked them, if they would buy said digital product.

This is the response I got in the morning:

"Good day. Thanks for contacting YOYBUY customer service.

We can help you buy this virtual product.

But we need you to pay it via Western Union, Webmoney or T/T.

The service fee is 10% of the item fee, we will count it in your domestic shipping fee, pls kindly note.

If there are any questions, pls feel free to contact us."

》Edit a few hours later:

The customer-service of also gave a positive answer:

“Yes, we can do the purchase for you. Just let us know your email when you create the order.”


Stardust isn’t available there, at least not yet

Thank you for your help, I think I will use Yoybuy to buy her

Hey there, I don’t want to be too hasty, but please test the ParcelUp-link ( ) again in case you haven’t tried these days.

》Today, I checked the page on my Samsung due to a person asking a purchase-related question over at YouTube, and it seems to work again; at least on my phone - haven’t checked with PC yet.


i think this link is the right link. unless this is a physical version?

edit: ok, this is probably a physical version, whoops

It shouldn’t be. There are no physical copies of any of the SynthV Studio versions of the Quadimension vocals. Only the R1s, which don’t contain a code and are for collection purposes only.


ah, makes sense, sorry for the confusion. i’d seen multiple links on a different site and one said digital while this one didn’t, and i didn’t bother to look it up