No activation possible after installing new motherboard!

After replacing a malfunctioning motherboard I also had to fresh install windows. And ofcourse all the musical software, licensers etc. No problems so far. Then I installed SynthesizerV Studio Pro and entered the 25-digit activation code.
It accepts the code, but then it sais: “The activation code is being used on another device”. In this universe there is no other device. Please help me out, Eleanor Rigby has to sing, I can’t do without her.

You mention your old motherboard was malfunctioning, so I’m assuming you were unable to deactivate before changing hardware?

You should contact support for the appropriate distributors:

SynthV Studio Pro (Dreamtonics): [email protected]
Eleanor Forte (Animen): [email protected]


Thank you very much. I’ll try that.
Pim Bronco

Yo, mood. My computer wound up hacked because one of the usual sites I go to for plugins got hacked and I didn’t know about it and I pretty much lost all data and was forced to start fresh. I ended up having to contact Dreamtonics but I already had one more activation available. Sadly, if this happens again I have to repurchase.

@Claire: There was support from both Dreamtonics and Anicute. So I could manage the problem and get SynthV running, thanks! :smiley_cat:

@ WintermintP: Yehhhh, when there’s some bad luck involved you would have to repurchase over and over again!
I hope they will change their activation method, like being able to run 2 machines at a time, like desktop and laptop for unlimited time, in stead of 3 times an activation. And pay for a really nice update!

In the user agreement, an activation code is authorized for one computer only; simultaneous activation on multiple computers is theoretically not allowed.

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