can you still growl?

If you convert an s5p with a growl to an svp, does the growl function in SynthV Studio? Or does growl not function at all?

SynthV Studio does not have any growl features. You must do it manually, or with help from a script:

Noob question, but how do I load this script into a project and use it?

Scripts require the Pro version of SynthV Studio. You can find the scripts folder under the “Scripts” menu:

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That much I knew, but how do I load scripts? I have one saved in the logical directory (dreamtonics/synth v studio/scripts), but when I select it via this menu, it just opens it as a txt file, instead of loading it. Is there some kind of particular format the script must be saved as in order to get it to work?

Do you have a file called synthvGrowl.lua ?
If the extension has been changed to .txt then that could explain the behaviour you are seeing.
If you open the file in a text editor (notepad?) then it should start with:-

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Alright, I got it working! Well, sort of. The script has a tendency to cause SynthV to crash. Happens everything when running SV in my DAW, and frequently in stand-alone mode. Any ideas what might be causing this?

Well, if it’s any consolation - I just tried this script and my prog crashed as well.
Must be a script bug.
I have downloaded others that work just fine.

Welp. At least the problem isn’t on my end.

What’s this other script you’re using? This one?

Yes, that works, this whole collection is all worth having on hand :+1:

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