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Hi, I recently bought Synth Studio Pro 1.6.1 and it is really a very good and easy to use program. I am also a Steinberg Cubase user for over 30 years and I use SynthV as a plugin. Ideal for bringing my vocal lines to life. I have some common questions and whether certain features can be implemented in future updates?

  • Is it possible, instead of entering the notes manually one by one, that you play them in via a midi keyboard?

  • Simultaneously move notes and parameters? Now you have to do this separately I think and that is time consuming.

  • I can’t find Glottal Effects? Does this depend on which singer you use?t? Same for the vocal mode?

  • When I start Cubase, SynthV runs along nicely but when I stop Cubase, SynthV jumps back to the starting point and that is very annoying. You always have to look back In SynthV to the point where you stopped to make adjustments?

  • Perhaps also useful is a “History list” (a window that remains open) Instead of having to click “Undo” in the menu or use the key combination. In the list you should be able to see all the edits that you have done and by clicking in the list you can go back to a certain point.

Thanks for the answers.

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OK thanks. Maybe I should use the search function first :slight_smile: