How much does it cost to make a SynthV bank?

Does anyone know how much it costs to make a SynthV voicebank? Because I was thinking about starting a crowdfunding campaign about it. And also, how do you even get the voicebank kit? Do you just, email kanru hua with the money and that’s it?? If you have any answers, let me know!

No one that has any answers can talk, because it’s confidential.

The crowdfunding for Solaria was around $43,000 USD, but we don’t know any details, like how much additional funding Eclipsed Sounds added out of their own pockets.

In addition to money, you’d obviously have to get the vocal talent, make use of a professional recording studio, record the vocals for the phonemes and record vocals for the auto-tuning.

Dreamtonics no doubt performs all the actual work of reviewing the audio, transcribing it, encoding it, training the neural network, packaging the product, and so on.

The first step would be contacting Dreamtonics. If they were convinced you had a chance of moving forward, I’m sure the first step would be to have you sign an NDA. :sweat_smile: