Best English voices

What are the best English male and female voices in pronunciation, except Solaria.
I have her (also the only one) and that’s the level I’m looking for. Maybe there are even better ones?


I would argue there are no ‘better’ ones than Solaria at the moment, for what Solaria sounds like and what she does. But honestly to answer this question properly would require a lot more information.

Anyway, if we’re talking about both pronunciation and (to some degree) style, I would argue that you should check out these:
Male: Kevin
Female: Eleanor Forte AI

If you’re okay with different vocal styles and cross-lingual synthesis / some more accent, the list expands a bit:

Mo Chen (Chinese, uses Cross-Lingual Synthesis for English)
Kevin (Native English)

Eleanor Forte AI (Native English, more ‘classic’ sounding voice)
Stardust Infinity AI (Chinese, Cross-Lingual synthesis English)
ANRI (Native English?, higher pitch k-poppy / j-poppy vibe)

There’s also other voices, but I’d rank them a bit below these in terms of pronunciation or english voice quality. (Eg.: Ryo for males and Qing Su, Saki for females)

One future voice to look out for is Cangqiong AI (Chinese female vocal), which sounds amazing imho in English as well.

One last thing to keep in mind for all of the voices is that tweaking is what makes them perfect, so the videos above may not reflect the true potential of each voice. Kevin for example sounds horrible in most songs to me, but there are some people on vi-control that can make him sound amazing.


Thank you so much for the complete overview. I listen to a lot to voices on you tube.My native language is dutch and what sounds good to me may not be so for an English speaking person. From what I hear is Stardust infinty an Elenor forte the best sounding. I agree that Kevin sometimes sounds very good like in the ’ A million years cover’ SynthV / Kevin / Solaria Cover: A Million Dreams - YouTube and sometimes less. Mo chen, I realy like his timbre but I think only for a certain style of music. Canggoing also sounds good to me. I have made a few attempts to login to Taobao to buy Stardust but I always get an error that there is something wrong with the network so I gave up. An other problem is that not all voices can be purchased from Europe which is pitty because they miss out on a lot income I think. I think my futere buys will be Elenor, kevin and maybe Mo Chen. Thanks to your advice I can be sure that they are ok. Hopefully one day I can get my hands on Stardust.

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I’ll agree with what ZeroStatic wrote.

I just finished a song with Qing Su and by the time it was finished, had forgotten she wasn’t a native English voice. Then again, I was using mostly the high register, so it might be different in the lower range.

On the other hand, Ryo has quite a pronounced accent to me. He rolls his r and his diphthongs aren’t that great. Dropping final ts seems to be an issue for trans-lingual voices in general, but cutting-and-pasting takes care of that.

I suspect that Dreamtonics will continue to tweak the trans-lingual feature, so that things like that are likely to improve in the future. But for now, I’m not using Ryo on any primary English vocals.


I’m Dutch as well and all voicebanks were available for purchase from Europe so far, either directly or indirectly. Are there any specific ones you’re having a hard time figuring out how to purchase? The only new one which is Taobao exclusive is Stardust afaik, and that one you can buy through a Taobao package forwarding service. (Aka a ‘taobao agent’)

I bought it through ParcelUp, but that service is having issues with the product page now.

An alternative is to try it through superbuy. Alternatively you could try googling for ‘taobao agent’ to find other alternatives.

If an agent doesn’t allow you to browse or requires a product link, it’s this one:
One thing is to make sure that you have the correct product selected. When in doubt, ask around, or pick the most expensive option. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: (On superbuy it’s clearly translated as Stardust Infinity AI, on other agents it might not be translated as clearly)

Note that purchasing ‘3rd party’ voicebanks may result in getting the actual voicebank information up to a day after purchasing.

P.s: My issue with Kevin is not so much whether he can sing or not, but just the type of voice he has. In the cover you linked I also can’t stand his voice. :’ )

1 Like apparently don’t purchase Voicebanks. When I was looking for a way to buy Stardust Infinity before stumbling over ParcelUp in February, I had asked them about digital products and got this as response:

“Hello, after checking this goods, it belongs to virtual goods, sorry we usually don’t support to buy this kind of goods, just support to buy real goods to ship to our warehouse, after we store it, you can submit it to ship to overseas, we advice you to look for other company to help you,sorry for inconvenient to you.”

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Where are you from if I may ask, I’m from Boom - Antwerp. I tried parcelup and bought Stardust, than I discovered I bought a keychain. :laughing: I couldn’t find Stardust the voice . I tried your Superbuy link, registerd and ready to buy Stardust Infinty AI :-). 128 dollar seems the normal price for a voice compared to others so that should be ok. I understand what you say about Kevin’s voice, in the midtones it is a bit harsh (if that is what you can’t stand? ) but I think with some EQ you can do a lot. In this song you can hear them all 3 together, Mo Chen - Kevin and Stardust. Mo Chen, not bad. 【Mochen x Kevin x Stardust AI】Again & Again【SynthV Cover】 - YouTube . Damn, just read MelodyCrystals post. Superbuy doesn’t deliver, why doe they sell it than :expressionless:

Thank you for letting me know. I was just about to make the purchase.

It looks like you can use - I have sent yesterday a Mail to them and got this here as response in the morning:

"Good day. Thanks for contacting YOYBUY customer service.

We can help you buy this virtual product.

But we need you to pay it via Western Union, Webmoney or T/T.

The service fee is 10% of the item fee, we will count it in your domestic shipping fee, pls kindly note.

If there are any questions, pls feel free to contact us."

I only have Solaria but when I listen to Stardust or any other female voice they all seems to lispel. A good De-esser can help a little. Lets hope Dreamtonics will fix this and some other issues in future updates.

Did you buy from them? I never payed with Western union. I’ve heard there was a lot of scams in the past. Maybe they are ok now?

Sadly, I have only experiences with PayPal since German-me rarely purchases international stuff. x’3
》In other words, all three services the Yoybuy-member mentioned are questionmarks to me.

Ok than I don’t trust it. I’ve sent an email to Superbuy, lets see if they reply with the same answer that they gave you. I noticed that Yoybuy leads to Taobao, that doesn’t work for me. I tried that with parcelup.

Two other services gave in the meantime an answer to my question.

The first to respond ( ) unfortunately said outright no.

But the second ( ) costumer-service wrote “Yes, we can do the purchase for you. Just let us know your email when you create the order.”, so perhaps they are an option?

Amsterdam :stuck_out_tongue:

When did you buy it through ParcelUp? Because the current issue is indeed that it only shows one product. (Before they showed a product selection just like any other taobao agent)

Hope one of the alternative agents work out for you. :slight_smile: If you’re really desperate and they (42agent?) don’t work out I could try asking a chinese friend / coworker (internationals that live/work in NL) if they can somehow purchase it for you lol.

And yeah, his voice just sounds too clean+harsh. It reminds me of a b-list / hobbyist Glee fan or something like that. I don’t know how else to describe it. :joy: But it’s true that with some parameter tweaking and EQ / FX he can sound great, I just think it requires way more effort than other voices to give him something I’d call a pleasant voice, and I’m too lazy to put in that effort.

If there’s no better male voices coming out for quite a while I might bite the bullet and still purchase him too though.

I’m not sure if something got lost in translation, but in English, lisp usually means the /s/ is too quiet or absent. I suspect you mean the opposite. :thinking:

Well, technically it usually indicates that the speaker is making the s incorrectly, like shaping their mouth for a /dh/ sound. I personally make a “lateral” /s/ because my big fat tongue doesn’t allow room for the proper oral posture… so I have a lot of experience editing the /s/ sound in my DAW. :woozy_face:

Although it can be a bit irritating, it’s a lot easier to reduce a plosive or sibilant than try to put them back when they’re missing. So I’d rather have SynthV err in that direction.

This is especially true for something like a /b/ or /d/, where the vowel has a large influence on the sound - it’s the movement of the formants that distinguish the phoneme in those cases.

I always have to go back and edit the consonants for all the voices in SynthV. So I’m glad there’s an option to have a separate track for aspiration, because I’ll typically do the edits in the DAW.

That said, it would be nice if there were a global option to make all the phonemes of a particular type for a singer harder or softer, instead of having to adjust them manually,

And although I’m a native American English speaker, I also find Kevin’s voice grating. :sob:

Good luck finding a way to purchase the voices!

I don’t know how to technically explain it, but not the opposite, that would be a hissing S. It’s like the S’s attack is missing. You can call it a softer S. It doesn’t bother me that much, it’s just something that I’ve noticed.
Long ago I tested Vocaloid, it was something but certainly not usable to replace a singer. Now so much later, the evolution is enormous. When I discovered SynthV a few weeks ago, my jaw dropped. I couldn’t believe how real it sounded. I mean, wait a few more years and the few issues that still exist will probably be fixed or manually editable. For now I’m happy that I finally have a singer available who sounds decent. I still have a lot to learn but SynthV and the singing voices really fascinate me.


Last week I tried Parelup. Thanks for the offer. I’ll try a few other channels first. If that doesn’t work I’ll let you know. Really appreciate your help.
Kevin, the son-in-law that nobody wants but because he is the only one you have to accept him :laughing:

Well, in case you want to buy Synthesizer V Studio Pro for accessing cross-lingual-support of the AI-Voicebanks, you can make everyone of said category sing in English, so Kevin isn’t the only available English boy, actually.

And if that purchase not your plan, then try out some Dictionaries people on the Internet made - these things even work with Standard- and Lite-Voicebanks.

Thanks for the info.The Dictonairy looks like it is for more advanced user so that’s not me :slight_smile: Maybe I can find a YT video on how to use that. I only need one good male singer for now. Prefarbly one you don’t have to tweak a lot to make it sound good. I was thinking of Kevin or Mo Chen like spoken about earlier. For female voicebanks I will contineu my hunt on Stardust and otherwise it will be Eleanor :slight_smile: