How to change language between notes?

I would like to let QingSu sing Chinese and English at the same track. How do I do that?

Each track can only have one language selected. You need to make a second track for the other language.

Ouch… so disappointing. That would sound so un-natural since the sounds are not connected.

Couldn’t you edit the phonemes on the English track to sound Chinese?

You can do it by putting the notes in a group, and then setting the voice for that group, and then set a language for the voice assigned to the group.

To set a group, select the notes, right click, and choose Merge Into Group (Alt+G).

You can then apply a voice to that group. Select the group by double-clicking it and choosing Project | Groups | Set Voice to change the voice.

Note that you can choose the same voice as the track default by choosing (inherit track defaults), which is the default.

You can then choose a different language in the Voice panel for that voice associated with the group.

Make sure you have the Group selected, so you’re changing the values for the Group, not for the track defaults.


Wow! Great tip! Thank you!

However, it still not been naturally connected. The sound engine didn’t “glue” them together.

Yes, there’s no good way of doing what you’re asking.

You could try to find a place where they two break naturally - like on a plosive - and switch languages there.

Or you could use spakkaps’ idea of using similar phonemes and cross-fade them in your DAW.

But there’s no way to have the same voice use different phoneme sets. :frowning:


Hey that might come in handy later on. Thanks for the tip!

Good news, version 1.8.0 will introduce the ability to seamlessly transition between languages without the need for a new track or group.