Failed To Start Bouncing

So I’ve recently started using SynthV lite along with Natsuki Karin and SOLARIA. It’s definitely been fun to make stuff with it, and the user experience so far has been better than vocaloid5, but now i’m having a MAJOR problem.

After having my fun with random projects, I finally decided that I would make an actual song. This is when the whole engine started to fall apart in right front of my eyes. The engine, which up to this point had been working perfectly, suddenly started to render the audio incredibly slowly. I pressed through it, deleting some of my midi tracks and instrumental (no worries, i can just re-import them), and eventually decided that I would render each part of the song separately to make it more bearable.

Then, the titular error showed up. No matter what I did, no matter what file name and directory i chose, this stupid error always popped up. If i can’t export and render the parts, I can’t even think to finish the song. I’m at my wit’s end here! Say what you want about vocaloid5, at least it always exports successfully. Do I just give up and stop using the engine? Do I give my project to someone else who can export it? Is there a fix I can do at all? Help!

You mentioned MIDI tracks. Are you using the VSTi version of SynthV?

I don’t use the VSTi. Instead, I’ll render out a backing track in my DAW, and then import the .wav file into the stand-alone version of SynthV. I’ll then make the vocal tracks in the stand-alone version, and create the vocal tracks. Once the tracks are one, I’ll export the vocals out as .wav files, and import them into my DAW.

If I need make any changes to the vocal, I just toggle back to the stand-alone version of SynthV, make changes, and render it out again. When I toggle back to the DAW, it sees the the vocal tracks have been updated and imports the new version. YMMV.

I leave SynthV open because every time you re-open a project, it has to re-calculate the audio tracks again. When it’s always open, I can toggle back and forth quickly to make changes. The only thing to watch out for it that you don’t mute any tracks, or SynthV will render them as blank tracks and you’ll wonder where the vocals disappeared to.

It’s a bit of extra work having both SynthV and the DAW open. But not using SynthV inside the DAW means there’s one less thing for my DAW to have to deal with. Plus, I like to render the voiced and aspirated tracks out separately, and I don’t know if the VSTi allows that.

Most importantly, I don’t run into the problems with the VSTi that people seem to have.

I’d love to have the VST version, since that would probably mean I wouldn’t need to export any audio in the first place. However, I’m using the free version.

Please check if the track has duplicate names or uses naming that is not supported to be saved as a file.

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Yeeeah, I don’t know why I didn’t try that before. it turned out it was because of the duplicate names-