A Question On AI "Auto Pitch Tuning" Seeds

I have been using SynthV Studio Pro with Xingchen Infinity (Stardust Infinity) for a while now, but I always wondered how to use the seed generation for “Auto Pitch Tuning”. I’ve been playing around with the random seed generator and from what I have seen is that a seed will correspond to how the AI will edit pitch. (Pretty Obvious)

My question, is there a way/how to calculate seeds to get a certain type of AI edited pitch?

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A seed serves to make a randomized sequence repeatable, however the contents of the seed string are specifically not supposed to influence the behaviour beyond that.

If they did, it would compromise the probability distribution and cause bias in whatever underlying processes rely on the pseudorandom number generator.

For this reason any bias or behavioral trends should always be introduced as part of whatever is consuming the result of the randomized output, not within the randomizer itself.