Buying Voices - Can You Help?

Hello. I am hoping to purchase Mo Chen & Stardust and want to make sure I have the English dictionaries for both. I’m based in Europe.

I found Mo Chen on the official store - all looks good but can anyone verify it comes with the English dictionary?

Stardust seems harder to come by, with some people reporting that previous links don’t work. I found someone who posted this link but it’s in the ‘watches > Jewellery’ section!
(And even if right, again I’m wondering if it comes with the English dictionary.)

Any help appreciated.

I can verify that if you purchased SynthesizerV Studio, Mo Chen will be able to sing in English using the trans-lingual feature.

That is, if you choose “English” as the language, it will use the Arpabet phoneme set and the standard English dictionary.


I can personally confirm that, yes, that page (currently, though it was down for a bit a little while ago) works for buying Stardust, since I recently used it to buy her, myself. But , yeah, I can get why the “watches, jewelry” categorization would throw you off :laughing:

And just like dcuny said about Mo Chen, if you have Synthesizer V Studio Pro (the paid version of the editor), you can use the cross-language synthesis feature so she can read the phonemes that English-language (or Japanese) VBs use.


Thank you so much

Brilliant. I really appreciate the confirmation. Thanks