Connect to a DAW


I wonder how to connect to a program called Rapidcomposer.
This program is searching for Vsti plugins but can’t find anyone for Syntv!

I can instal every other vsti plugin, to Rapidcomposer from lots of manufakturs, bu how to install Syntv as an vsti plugin?

Where can I found the vsti file?

The VSTi plug-in is included with the new version of Synthesizer V Studio Pro (Windows & macOS), please install the latest version.

Hi thanks
I have Synthesizer V Studio Pro 1.6.1
Synthesizer V Engine 2.4.1

Where is the vsti file on a MAC

Check the directory:


VST3 / VSTi: /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST3
Audio Unit (AU) : /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components


VST3 / VSTi: %CommonProgramFiles%\VST3


It say that Rapidcomposer works with Vsti plugins. Has Syntv Vsti?

It say that Rapidcomposer works with Vst plugins. Has Syntv Vst?
It don’t handle vst3

AFAIK SynthV is only available as a VST3i, and VST commonly refers to VST2, which is no longer supported for new plugins (according to Steinberg).

Checking the site, RapidComposer only supports VST2 plugins, not VST3, which means that the SynthV plugin is not supported.

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