Eleanor Forte (cannot register)

Hello. I am trying to register Eleanor Forte from this page. When I press the button the next page gives me the following error:

We’re experiencing some technical issues. Please contact the site manager.

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The page you’re using is for the old, discontinued version of Eleanor Forte that was only compatible with the original release of Synthesizer V (also discontinued).

The current version of Synthesizer V is called “Synthesizer V Studio” and voices for the original “R1” editor are not compatible.

You can download the lite version of Eleanor Forte for SynthV Studio from Anicute, or purchase the Eleanor Forte AI voice: https://www.anicute.com/


Thanks so much for the quick response. I was thinking getting Eleanor Forte for free was too good to be true :slight_smile:

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SynthV Studio does have a free version, and the lite versions of Eleanor Forte are free for non-commercial use.