Question about Synthesizer V parameters/tuning

I currently use VocalShifter for tuning but I am finding it very time-consuming. The tutorials for the realVoice/praat method are also very difficult to follow but I hope to understand it eventually.
For now I want to try tuning exclusively in Synthesizer V.

In VocalShifter, I use pitch and dynamics only when tuning. I wonder what “Dynamics” translates to in Synthesizer V since it does not have a “Dynamics” parameter. Would it be breathiness, loudness, tension, voicing, or is it all 4 of parameters?


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Very likely it’s loudness, because in engines like Vocaloid itself that’s all it does. I’ve never heard of the voicing parameter but if memory serves correct, tension is original to Synthesizer V. What I do know is that it makes the library sound like they’re pushing harder to achieve the note, but to achieve the loudness you still have to use the loudness parameter.

Another feature I think you’ll benefit from is Note Properties. It’s very useful when you get a word or syllable that didn’t come out quite right, and all you have to do to find the right phoneme is look up Arpabet.

Pitch length can help pretty immensely too. It can only do so much due to the fact that you need it to be longer to make the transitions less snappy but then you need it to be shorter if you don’t want some of your syllables to cut off. Quite the balancing act. But still, if notes are cutting off that’s the first thing I check.

I typically don’t use the loudness parameter at all because tension gives enough dynamic range to the file and you kinda have to compress vocals a lot in rock/metal anyway so all that dynamic range will barely mean diddly squat.

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edit: I figured out how to use the Praat method! Expect a simpler tutorial soon! :DDD
Great script btw @hataori !

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thanks for the advice!