Tabbing while editing phonemes skips the third one since update 1.6.0

Hello :sparkles:
Sometimes I do covers in Spanish with Synth V and I start editing the phonemes themselves, not the notes, and when I go pressing “tab”, it always skips the third note, and I have to go back with the mouse to click on it to edit it.

It’s not a bug on my PC just because I have Synth V installed on my laptop and I’ve formatted my normal PC a few times and it still doesn’t work, does anyone else have this problem? thanks <3



You can use Ctrl + Tab to go back to the previous phoneme.
This may be a bug that needs to be fixed.


It seems that when it moves off the first note to the second, the next and prior notes are set wrong when it moves off the second note.

After that, the behavior is correct.

  • If you Tab to the second note n+1 and Tab off it, it jumps to note n+3.
  • If you Ctrl+Tab to note n-1, and Ctrl+Tab again, it jumps to to note n-3.
  • If you Tab to note n+1, and Ctrl+Tab, it stays on note n+1.
  • If you Ctrl+Tab to note n-1, and Tab, it stays on note n-1.

It also doesn’t set the active (highlit) note correctly:

  • If you select the phonemes above a note, the note won’t become active.
  • When you Tab off the first note to note n+1, note n+2 becomes active.
  • If you Ctrl+Tab off the first note to note n-1, note n-2 becomes active.

After it moves to the third note, the active note is correct. I’m guessing it’s related to the same bug.