Screen Scaling and OpenGL Issue

M1 Mac (Monterey 12.3.1) | 4K Display | SynthV Pro 1.6.1 (670.73) | Mode: Native or Rosetta



  1. Scale interface
  2. Select Use Open GL for UI Graphics

The main interface shrinks and a black border appears along the top and right-hand side of the screen. The ‘active area’ remains where it was. For example, the buttons move visually, but the clickable area is still at the top-right of the screen:

A full reinstall of Synthesizer V.
As well as the main file, I removed caches and preference files (see screenshot below)

After reinstallation the problem still exists

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I just downloaded the basic version and selected the OpenGL and the display issues started. It must be the selection of OpenGL that is the issue. It will not return to default even after reinstalling and trashing prefs et al. Obviously still a very buggy program?

You find the setting in the xml settings file. Change useOpenGL="1" to useOpenGL="0"

/Library/Application\ Support/Dreamtonics/Synthesizer\ V\ Studio/settings/settings.xml

<General telemetryConsent="declined" checkUpdateOnStartup="0" useOpenGL="1"

It’s not there?
THere is no Application support for the basic version?

It should be there. It is the global “Library” folder in the root of your disk, not the one in the “/Users/yourUser” folder.

Thanks. That worked. Which means the Use OpenGL selction doesnt work?
IN any case it doesnt instill a lot of confidence?
BTW I’m using an M1 Mac