Synthesizer V 岸晓 声库正式发布,并上架国际商店


Dreamtonics 正式发布 SynthV AI 中文男声声库「岸晓」,在 TB 店铺和国际商店都可以购买,在 5 月 19 日之前 TB 店铺有声库 479 元 / 套装 899 元的首发优惠哟。





I really need a discount code, …

Didn’t know the best place to put this, so to the dedicated/debut thread it is!

An Xiao got updated to v101 today. There was no list of details regarding the changes, but be sure to update him the next time you launch Synthesizer V Studio.

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A quick bump for important news: An Xiao is now available as digital copies via AH-Software