Synthesizer V not playing

I’ve just set up a new project, imported a midi file, set the voices (Kevin and Solaria). But when I press the space bar the cursor does not move. The arrowhead “play” button changes to “pause” (two parallel lines) but nothing moves. Anyone have any idea as to what I haven’t done (or what I have done!)?

Using Syn V Studio Pro 1.6.1


Okay, I saved the project, closed Syn 5, reopened the project and it’s now working. I’d still like to know what was going on, if anyone has ideas.


Next time it doesn’t want to play, check the output devices in settings. I’ve had this issue before and the output devices shows nothing when I checked it out.

RigoLigo, thanks for your suggestion. In fact, I had already checked the output devices, as I thought this might be the problem and they were as normal. Cheers.