Specify where the syllable breaks happen in custom phoneme definition

For example when I change the word definitely from the default /d eh f ax n ax t l iy/ to /d eh f ax n ax cl l iy/ and I split the word into 4 notes it doesn’t assign each syllable to each note properly. So I think you should be able to use a symbol to denote where the syllables break in the dictionary like “d eh; f ax; n ax cl; l iy” because by default it just seems to assign two phonemes to each note for words that have custom phonemes.



I’ve been trying to figure out how to define where the syllables land. Splitting the word has its own problems.

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I like this idea. It’s relatively straightforward for Japanese since it’s based on morae rather than syllables, but for English it’s a lot less predictable as to how the engine attempts to separate the word, which results in a lot more manual fine-tuning to be done to get the correct phoneme timings.

Being able to use a special delimeter to manually specify syllable separation would be a great improvement to the dictionary functionality.