Trans-lingual English: An Xiao taps/rolls his /r/

An Xiao taps/rolls his initial /r/ when singing in trans-lingual English. This is almost articulated as an /l/.

For example, the word “rain”.

Mo Chen doesn’t seem to have this issue.

But it’s strong enough in An Xiao that it makes it problematic for him to be a lead vocal.


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Just out of curiosity, does this change at all if you use a second r phoneme? Using “rain” as an example again, would “.r r ey n” sound any better than just “.r ey n”?
Sorry, I don’t have An Xiao, so I can’t test it myself.

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Good idea, but no.

It sounds like his tongue posture starts as it would for /l/ sound, with the tip of the tongue on the alveolar ridge behind the front teeth. Then pull the tip backwards and make an /r/ voicing. Sort of the opposite direction you’d move for the /l/ sound.

On some of the /r/ sounds, there’s no issue. But for others, it’s pretty strong.

This isn’t something that can be worked around by changing the Strength or Duration, either.

I’ve even tried working around it by using /er/ as a replacement for /r/. But that doesn’t work, either.