Are there alternatives to the Synth V interface? Are there alternatives to the Synth V interface? Synth Vの代替となるインターフェースはありますか?

I really don’t know how to ask this question better or what tag or category this should be under, but I’ll try my best to explain.
For those who haven’t seen my last topic, I am blind, and I’m unable to use Synth V because the interface isn’t screen-reader accessible. I posted about it and sent Dreamtonics an email, but I haven’t gotten a response back from them yet. It’s been a couple months, and unfortunately, I don’t think it’s going to happen.
I was on a producer’s Twitch stream and brought up the subject, and she said that it might be possible to code the songs directly in XML. Vocaloid VSQX files are just special XML files, and from what I’ve heard, the same goes for Synth V.
So, does anyone know if it’s possible to code entire songs from scratch, and if it is, are there any resources on doing it? If there’s a way around the inaccessible interface, I’d gladly take it. I would prefer the Synth V interface as I understand it’s very intuitive, but you know what they say; beggars can’t be choosers. I’d really appreciate any advice y’all can give me.
前回のトピックをご覧になっていない方のために説明すると、私は目が不自由で、インターフェースがスクリンリーダーに対応していないため、Synth Vを使用することができないのです。そのことを投稿し、Dreamtonicsにメールを送りましたが、まだ返事をもらっていません。もう2ヶ月になるけど、残念ながら無理だと思う。
プロデューサーのTwitch配信でこの話題を出したら、XMLで直接曲をコーディングすることは可能かもしれないと言われたんです。ボーカロイドのVSQXファイルは特殊なXMLファイルなだけで、聞くところによるとSynth Vも同じだそうです。
そこで、曲全体を一からコーディングすることが可能かどうか、また、可能であれば、それを行うためのリソースはあるかどうか、どなたかご存知でしょうか?もし、アクセスしにくいインターフェイスを回避する方法があるのなら、喜んでそれを利用します。Synth Vのインターフェイスは非常に直感的だと理解しているので、私はそれを好むのですが、よく言われるように、乞食は人を選ぶことができないのです。何かアドバイスがあれば、ぜひお願いします。また、文法がおかしいところがあれば、すみません。私の日本語はまだそんなに上手ではないので、翻訳機を使っています。無料版)で翻訳しました。


An SVP file is really just a JSON file (so not XML, but just as easy to work with from a programmatic point of view).

It would be possible to make a third-party SVP editor, however it would not be capable of actually playing the audio or rendering any output.

One workaround I can think of would be to create the project in a different engine (Vocaloid, UTAU, CeVIO, etc.) and then convert the file to SVP with utaformatix (link: UtaFormatix). I don’t know about screen reader compatibility with other engines, but utaformatix can do a pretty good job of maintaining pitch bends when converting project files. The main obstacle would likely be in phoneme syntax differences, and potential inaccuracies in parameter conversion.

Hope this helps. It’s a massive shame that Dreamtonics has yet to address the issue.


Thank you for the link. Sadly, Vocaloid and Utau have accessibility issues of their own. From what I’ve been told, some blind people have been able to figure out how to use them, but I haven’t been able to figure it out yet. Your help is much appreciated though.

I am interested in this topic and have no idea about it - so I am asking:

What would be the workflow and what would be an ideal vocal synth interface for you?
Imagine it is only for blind people, not an “accessible” app.

Maybe some ideas will inspire others.


I’m sorry; I don’t quite understand.

I’m sorry I’m not english speaking.

What do you need from speech synthesis program to be able to work with it?
I suppose you work with keyboard, but how you know where you are in the score,
where to place the notes, how to change the pitch and so.

Ah, I understand. Actually, I’m not sure what I would need, because I’m not sure how vocal programs work. I’ve never been able to get far enough.