What do you think the next official Dreamtonics VB will be?

After An Xiao’s sudden release, I’ve been wondering what the next official Dreamtonics VB would be. We already have a japanese female and male, an english male, two chinese males, and one chinese female.

It seems like the most likely VB to come next is an english female, but it could also be a whole new SynthV language like Korean or Spanish! But it could be another japanese female, or even yet another chinese male-

What do you guys think? Personally I’m hoping for a Korean male, but that’s pretty unlikely.

I would like to see another male, ideally for me he would be native English with a nice powerful, harmonically rich voice for power ballads and bass lines but …
If I had to guess then I think another female, probably a teenager (aren’t they all?) and Chinese.

Now for a mad idea - I wonder if there will ever be a ‘less smooth’ voice like Rod Stewart?

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Rod Stewart ! That’s I like too. Or My wish lists to include Paul Stanley of KISS. :sweat_smile:

It’s kinda funny you brought this up today, because this happened to me yesterday morning-

In case people did not know, I’m one of the frequent editors at Synthesizer V Wiki >_< I probably get these weird dreams because I spend a looooot of time doing wiki editing across like… 8 of them. All for fun, but maybe I take it too seriously?

So yeah, I guess my dream is telling me that I’d very much love to see one for Spanish! In general, I’ve always wanted to see more languages get supported (and I like that Vocaloid added Spanish/Korean and Alter/Ego had French support too, so even more would be merrier). And the cool thing is, if they’re made for SV AI, then through cross-lingual, you’d get a lot of options for that new language. :o

Ooooh! if only Edith Piaf could do a voice - deep enough to be distinct and that lovely, silky tone ---- and cross-lingual of course :heart_eyes:
Non, je ne regrette rien

Forget this entire thread, turns out Feng Yi is the next official Dreamtonics VB-

No no no no no no, I’m arresting you now!!!
I want Adam Gontier (Three Days Grace) and/or Matt Walst (My Darkest Days) :sweat_smile:

I’m kidding with you :joy: