Are lite voicebanks still good on Synthesizer Studio Pro?

Hello. I have taken interest in SynthV recently, and I really like using it since it’s easier than UTAU, and I think I might be able to buy the Pro version. Possibly.
Anyways, if I am able to buy it, I don’t think I’d be able to buy a voicebank. Maybeeee one, but they’re too expensive. At my country, at least.
If I continue to use the free voicebanks, is it still worth it? Will I be missing the cool features on SynthV Pro because, idk, maybe they dont work on lite vbs??? I have no idea how it works.
Soooo, any help would be appreciated lol

Yes, you can still use lite voices on SVS Pro. They work for both. It’s just that the Basic editor has some limitations (such as only having three tracks, no use of cross-lingual for AI voices, no Vocal Mode, etc) compared to Pro was all. .w./

Whereas the lite versions of the voices are usually limited to 1 pitch, can’t be used commercially. need to indicate in credit (title/description) that it’s the lite version, and if they’re AI lites, they also cannot use Vocal Mode (only certain ones currently have this in the full version) and Crosslingual.

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I see. Then what exactly would change? Like, other than extra tracks.

I’m not sure if there’s more beyond this (or if this list is outdated), but here’s what we put up on SynthV wiki for an example

And like I said before, there’s limitations with the AI types of voices where you can’t use Vocal Mode or Crosslingual in the Basic editor, which also applies to the Lite versions of those vocals anyways (for example, Saki AI Lite cannot use either of those even if you’re using SVS Pro because only the full version of her can).

EDIT: Oh duh, I could have just linked Dreamtonics’s store. Here ya go

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I see. Thank you. I’ll see if I can buy a voicebank along with SynthV Pro.

Yeah, totally! And I definitely would recommend buying a bundle/starter pack if you can, especially if you were thinking of getting any of the full versions of the lites you tried out (chances are, they have a starter available). Dreamtonics and ANiCUTE have options for that for a good handful, as well as the physical starter from AH-Software which you can pair with any digital version of the vocals they offer. I’ll drop the link for that here:

As for which ones have a starter pack, I can drop this category link here. (A heads up though. ANRI’s is discontinued. The category includes retired packs)

Feel free to ask more about bundles/starters if needed. .w./