Melodyne to Synth V - Why isn't the pitch line also transferred in addition to the midi?

Melodyne to Synth V - Why isn’t the pitch line also transferred in addition to the midi?

melodyne already has the pitch information in the midi notes in the program

why isn’t the pitch line information transferred to Synth V?

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MIDI, the protocol that supports note data communication between applications, sadly does not really support pitch lines.

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I don’t have Melodyne but looking at a tutorial for the pitch drift tool this looks a lot like MIDI pitch bend to me and that is a standard MIDI datatype, transmitted as a 14 bit value (but often synths only implement it as 7 bit).
So am I misunderstanding the question or maybe there are two questions here:-

  1. Does Melodyne export something like “pitch bend” data?
  2. Does SynthesizerV import “pitch bend”?

Given that both seem to be using at least a variant internally it would be a nice feature to have :man_shrugging:

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Well, it is like pitchbend without being pitchbend, as pitchbend is a global control, while pitch lines are per-note. Technically, one could do an MPElike thing, but that might run into the problems that led to midi’s creation in the first place.