Where does synthV VSTi saves the data when I save from DAW?

Hi, I’ve just lost my track data of synthV. I simply reopened my ableton project and all the notes and all the tracks inside SynthV were missing. Nothing inside. It also somehow cleared crashed sessions folder and nothing is left there. As I am aware the synthV content is not stored inside ableton project file and so I simply wonder where does it saves the notes and parameters data? Maybe if I know this there is will be still a chance to recover it. Does anybody know where the synthV vst plugin saves the data?

Theoretically it can be saved inside the DAW or into a separate .svp file. But since you did not find it at neither of the positions and the recovery files are gone, there is basically no chance to get your project file back.

Though, you can still try to use some magic (just joking) for example, data recovery software like DiskGenius to find the deleted auto-save files.

Good luck.

The SV project can be saved inside your DAW (the DAW project file) or as a separate .svp file (“Save to External File” option).

I suggest saving it as a separate .svp, just to be safe.

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