Odd tempo problem with Cubase Pro 11 on W10

Hi, Eleanor full version sounds great, but I can’t sync her vocal with my Cubase track. It’s very odd - here’s what I did:
Mix of track exported to standalone SV and vocal part created - so far so good. So then I decided to try to introduce it to the full mix version. I set up an instrument track and it brought up the plugin screen as expected. However, the vocal part plays back at a higher tempo than the original, so it starts off pretty good but it’s well ahead by the end. Tempi match between the standalone and full mix (124bpm). The really odd part is that I imported both the backing track and a vocal track with my voice, to match Eleanor to. This was all fine in the standalone but having moved to the plug-in the backing track and my vocal track are in time with the Cubase mix, so the Eleanor track has move out of sync with the vocal track I matched it with! On closing the Cubase project and going back to the standalone version, the fault remains. I can’t see a way to ‘stretch’ the vocal part, but I shouldn’t have to! Any ideas, anyone? I can’t see any other topics that sound like this, so is there something I’ve done wrong???

Further to the above post, I did encounter a similar and surely related effect when I first created a track in the standalone for a previous song, rendered the Eleanor vocal and then imported it into Cubase. Both tracks running at the default 120bpm, so no reason to tweak the timing. But the vocal was out of step and I had to use Cubase’s timestretch capabilities to bring the track into line.