New Library edits download

So, to make usts and vsqx/ vpr imports to Synth V easier. These library edits aim at helping . Making English singers sing in Japanese . An allow Jpn vocals sing in vccv english .

The first , library edit is a lite vccv english thing. To allow Japanese voices to read vccv english usts . So, users won’t have to do as much work. The library edit can be downloaded here : jpn to vccv (
Once, downloaded . You have to place the .jason file here => Documents\Dreamtonics\Synthesizer V Studio\dicts\japanese-romaji

Once, you load synth v , choose a jpn singer, load the custom library edit. You should see a library with alot of numbers and random junk. This is still a lite build. So, I’ll have a better library edit later for better vccv support.

The , next library edit. Is my Eng to Japanese . As the name implies . It helps make english singers. Sing in japanese kinda like the vocaloid plugin but, it does it on its own . When, this library is loaded with a english singer.

You can download the updated eng 2 jpn .jason file here : english-arpabet (

You must place the .jason file here => Documents\Dreamtonics\Synthesizer V Studio\dicts\english-arpabe The same proccess is used for the jpn to english proccess .

This library edit supports cv romanji / hirigana . I have not added vcv support. Since, I have not found a list that shows what sounds are what . So, that will be added in a later update .