[Feature Request] 关于参数绘制方式的想法 | Ideas on the Way Params are Drawn


现在,Synthesizer V Studio 的参数绘制方式有:

  • 鼠标 / 数位板绘画,自动简化
  • 添加控制点,自动插值


因此,可以考虑引入贝塞尔曲线 (Bézier Curve) 以获得更大的参数绘制自由度。据我所知,已经有一些歌声合成软件使用这种方式调控参数。当然,原有的参数绘制方案也 应当 得到保留,因为它们为初步调控提供了更快的方式。

Bézier Curve
fig 1 贝塞尔曲线

Synthesizer V Studio now has the following parametric drawing methods.

  • Drawing with mouse / sketching tablet, automatic simplification
  • Adding control points, automatic interpolation

The problem with the first drawing method is that it is not very accurate and efficient, and there is a risk that the main program may get jammed during the drawing process and the parameters may not be recorded in time or completely; the problem with the second one is that the default cosine or adaptive spline curve can only be interpolated by adding control points, while more control points need to be added if finer adjustments are needed, and the adjustment results may be less than satisfactory.

Therefore, one might consider introducing a Bézier Curve to get more freedom in drawing parameters. I am aware that some vocal synthesis software already uses this approach to control parameters. Of course, the original parameter plotting schemes should be retained, as they provide a faster way of initial control.

Bézier Curve
fig 1 Bézier curve

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