[SynthV Cover] Yaz - State Farm [Solaria]

Had to the urge to brush up on my old-school synth chops, and I’ve always wanted to improve on the version of this we played live back in the day.

And who better to give Alison Moyet’s voice a shot than Solaria?

I raised her gender (towards male) a bit to try to more closely match Moyet, but not sure if it helped or hurt. Also added a exact duplicate an octave lower, but it is barely in the mix.

Pretty happy with the synths and the vocals. I may have to recreate our whole medley from back in the day.

I wish I had some better techniques to emote and shout. I still had to use 5 syllables from Alison to create the break, because I have no idea how to yell in SynthV. :roll_eyes: Any tips on shouting would be appreciated.