Versatile female voice (En/Ja)

What do you think is the most versatile female (English and Japanese) voice bank?
There’re Saki, Solaria, Feng Yi names in my head but other names are welcome.
Is there any page to listen and compare them in one sight?

My favorite music style is pop rock band sound.
Multi colored voices are required, but I don’t need so-called anime voices.

Saki is Japanese based cool voice and quite literally “versatile” but maybe a little weak, I think.
Soloria’s strong voice is very impressive and I love it, though her Japanese intonation is a little far from natural.
Feng Yi is Chinese based, but seems to have higher multilingual compatibility and expecting that her Japanese is not so bad.

personally Feng Yi is the most versatile. she can be soft, cute, sings well in all languages, can be powerful, airy, and even sing peking opera music!


Not either of those languages but Stardust has the most vocal modes including solid and power which is useful for rock based music so she’s probably the most versatile overall and her japanese doesn’t seem too bad although she might be a bit too anime for you. Then Qing su and Feng Yi have the most vocal modes though I’m not sure how good their japanese is, Qingsu has the best english out of the non natives. If you’re making pop rock you probably want a voice that’s on average more powerful like Solaria, and QS and FY are on the soft side though their japanese might be better. Also Saki has a chest mode that strengthens her tone a bit though it’s not as much as if she had a Power or Solid.


Thanks! Having a powerful side is a very important point.
If you know her rock taste (powerful) clip, please tell me.

Stardust… Oh Xingchen! 星尘 Infinity!
She was out of my sight knowing her name only, but I searched for Japanese song clips.
Her Japanese pronunciations are very good and voice feels a little like several Japanese singers.
Thank you for a new hopeful option. Now I’m investigating how to buy…

If you don’t live in China, I’d recommend using ParcelUp to get Stardust, since that’s how I got her, myself.

The page’s changed a little since I used it (Stardust is now listed as a completely separate product from the other Quadimension voices, and that wasn’t the case when I got her), but the seller and everything else seem to be the same, so I’m not particularly worried.

Oh, also, when I was buying Stardust through ParcelUp, I was using this video by MelodyCrystel as a rough guide, and it helped quite a bit.

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Honestly, I’d personally really recommend Stardust if you’re looking for one bank that has the capacity to do a bunch of different things. She’s got softer vocal modes, more powerful vocal modes, her cool vocal mode makes her sound even more mature… really I could go on and on. I’ve been really happy with her and would 100% recommend her to anyone with the Pro editor, who’s comfortable with the cost.

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Thank you for the detailed review, and lecture for shopping!
Very helpful and makes me a bit crazy about Stardust.

I was thinking of registering normally to Taobao, but considering your suggestion, does it not work often?
I don’t live in China but Japan.

For now, I’m going to try the ordinary Taobao way first and see how it works.
If something goes wrong then I’ll follow your suggestion.

For one thing, I’m wondering if Taobao may be cheaper than Parcel Up. Do you think it’s unlikely?
So I wanna check its price on Taobao first, but it even requires registration, so…

If this means a clearly unhappy route, or there’s meaningless difficulties on this way, please do me the favor and tell me.
Thanks again!

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Oh, I’d say totally go for Taobao if it works for you. ParcelUp does have some kind of extra proxy fee, I think, so getting any Quadimension bank directly from Taobao would most likely be cheaper.

The main reason I used ParcelUp instead is that Taobao wouldn’t let me make an account. It wouldn’t send a code or anything to the phone number I gave it, and I couldn’t use something like Google Voice for a different number, since I live in Canada. Sorry, I probably should’ve mentioned that :sweat_smile:

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definitely Qing Su and Feng Yi!! they can both sound very versatile and Feng Yi has a variety of vocal modesl! especially when mixed and matched to your desires :3!!

id also guess natsuki karin! she has a very very unique voice but im unsure if that counts? even with her lite shes very fun to use :]

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Thank you for your recommendation.

Qing Su and Feng Yi seem good, but their Japanese skill is not clear yet.
I wish someone would make good Japanese MVs.
Somehow there are already some Stardust’s clips (and her Japanese pronunciation seems good!).

And, Natsuki Karin’s name came out for the first time!
Honestly I don’t need Natsuki Karin’s voice in my creation, though I love her voice to hear…
No, I really want to use her voice also since there are some exceptional songs that fit her voice.

But it’s a deep swamp route and I’ll sink I think :wink:

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Thanks to you, I was able to register for Taobao.
I thought I’d buy Stardust, but noticed the Chinese yuan is very expensive against the Japanese yen (my currency) now.
I’ll wait for the exchange rate to improve :smiling_face_with_tear:

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I would 100% have to say Stardust Infinity! She can be soft, powerful, cute and so much more. Her “COOL” vocal mode is the most impressive one yet other then Feng Yi’s opera mode. If Stardust got an Opera mode she’d truly be the “all in one” Synth IMO.


It seems clear the sayings of Stardust’s supporters are very hot.
I’m leaning toward her enough, but shockingly some causes make her about 80% more expensive than others now.
I have to contemplate :thinking:

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