Need more Voicebanks with Accents / Dialects!! :)

IMHO, as a native english speaker (in USA, NY), english synth / tts voices that have an accent often sound even more natural when compared against voices that are going for a “correct pronunciation(?)” kind of sound. I tend to find even the BEST of the BEST english voices sometimes suffer from being ‘overly-pronounced’. They definitely helped cut back on this (drastically!) with the Synth-V feature of ‘relaxed consonants’ though!

As an example of synth-voices that have WONDERFULLY NATURAL, ACCENT’ed English:

  1. Vocaloid Maika: According to me, she actually has the MOST NATURAL sounding english, as far as accent is concerned! And that’s not even an English voicebank, necessarilly. If I remember correctly, she was/is intended to be ‘multilingual’ for use in Spanish, English, and Portuguese songs.

  2. Vocaloid Oliver: tbh I’m not a huge fan of his voice-type, to young/high range sounding for me, but then again, I do think his accent helped his voice pass as more natural sounding, to my ears, anyway.

  3. Vocaloid Miriam: Although outdated, STILL I think she benefited a lot from having an accent.

I wonder if the english-accented vocals only sound more natural to me because I’m American, and therefore can’t pick up on subtle defects in them, or if it’s simply that ‘Standard USA English’ sounds unnatural to me :rofl:

ALSO, back to Synth V: I think the cross-language English voices actually sound EXTREMELY realistic, pronunciation wise. I mean that as in: they sound like a REAL SINGER, albeit a ESL singer! Some of them have quite lovely accents! The Quadimension AI voices have REALLY GREAT ENGLISH CROSS-LANG imo. Like, their voices just sound great in english, only mildly accented, and very understandable.

ANYWAY THIS IS ALL TO SAY i wish we had a ‘Maika-ish’ or ‘multi-lingual’ Voicebank for Synth-V :slightly_smiling_face: and on top of that, it’d be nice if we could hear an accent other than ‘Standard American’ style english! I’d die for an Irish or Australian VB. like, i just wanna hear how that would sound in the program lol random guess but i feel like if we were gonna get an accented english vb for synth v, the first thing they’d give us is a England/British accent.

What’s your thoughts on accents for english vocals? What accents would you want to hear in Synth-V?


ohhhh a spanish or english accent would be so…


spanish spanish spanish :star_struck:
I’ve got hope that there’s enough interest around spanish voice-synth that they will simply get a Spanish AI voice, and then we can just use the cross lang feature! But a spanish voice with say, some extra samples or smthn for helping with english would be even better.
, really tho,
i just
want MAIKA SYNTH-V AI :sob: :sob: :sob:




I agree that Maika for Synth V would be absolutely amazing.

I think that if perhaps enough people expressed their intrest for such a thing to Voctro Labs, it could possibly increase the likelihood.

Potentially, one could petition (maybe?), but I’m not really sure how that sort of thing would behave on a global scale.

I know there have been concerns on how a Spanish vocal could affect things moving forward, given I’ve heard that there are some issues with the Spanish vocal synth fandom, so it could potentially be pertinent to consider how that might affect the willingness of companies to enter that market.

(Sorry if I rambled too much.)


Absolutely! I love how beautiful Maika’s voice is! She would be a great addition to the Synth V line up!

I would like to hear some Indian (both Native American and from the country India) voices! Also Europian, German, African, Australian,Czech, Xavante & Norwegian to name a few. Also, different voices who speak different Spanish dialects. I love Coastarican Spanish. Cuban, Puertorican and Mexican voices would be awesome too!


i’m hoping dreamtonics to added Korean, Spanish, Portuguese and Malayo-Polynesian languages (Like Tagalog/Filipino and Cebuano :philippines:, Malay :malaysia: :singapore:, Indonesian and Javanese :indonesia:) in the future, that’s will be good

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I have misspelled words on purpose to try n’ get the voicebanks to not say the words “correctly” as they try to. But with a natural laziness that has been a staple of western music for decades.

Like “Somthinz hapnen here”.