Cannot connect to activation server


I just purchased saki Ai and want to activate it. However, it keeps saying “Please check your internet connection” and I cannot activate the product. My internet connection is fine as I can browse the web without issues. I activated the other voice banks without a problem a few weeks ago. I also tried disabling my firewall but still no luck.

Can anyone confirm if the activation server is running ok right now? Thank you!

I came to these forums to see if someone previously asked this question because I am also trying to activate Saki AI and getting that error message! I see that you sent this 25 minutes ago. I assume the activation servers are down. I would also like an answer hfhdfd <3

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You encounter maybe the same problem I had with Stardust Infinity.
》Turn off your Firewall (in my case, it was Bullguard) and test the server-connection again. :crosses fingers for you: